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GenEzentials is a company with great innovation. They specialise in pratical and unique products designed with an emphasis on environmental consciousness. I look forward to discovering more fantastic products through GenEzentials!

- Vicki Y. (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Eco-friendly Compressed Tissue

Hi, I was at the Baby Toddler Expo in Sydney the other day and bought your product. After two days I am already in love! It is a fab product! Easy to carry - great for the kids!

- Emma B. (Epping, NSW, Australia)

Amazing products and service! Placed my order at 7.30pm and received delivery at 10.30am the next day even though I had forgotten to choose a colour and Aaron had to ask! Couldn't be more impressed :-)

- Simone E. (Glenwood, NSW, Australia)

The compressed tissue, you'll never find a more compact disposable hankie!

- Grace N. (Coogee, NSW, Australia)

I've found the compressed tissue to be extremely handly. It fits nicely in my handbag, backpack, pocket and with a tiny bit of water works a dream. No more big packets of baby wipes or messy cloths to worry about. Financially it's much cheaper to use the tissues and well. I fully recommend this product to anyone - not only to people with children as it's versitle for many uses.

- Stephnie W. (London, United Kingdom)

I just bought the compressed tissue. My kids likes the compressed tissue very much because it's material is better than those normal tissues and can be use for a few times. It's ecofriendly!

- Cheng Yee P. (Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia)

The compressed tissue is a good one. I like it very much because it's easy to bring in and out and it's Eco friendly. It's can be use a few times and the quality is awesome! It's better than this normal tissues.

- Su-Lynn P. (Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia)

The compressed tissue is a fabulous idea. A product that is a must to have and one that is so tiny that you can take it anywhere, anytime for hygiene purpose, clean hands for sure. Good for adults and good for children. What better way to get children to wipe their hands then this miracle compressed tissue in a tube, great fun for kids too! Avoid coughs and colds the easy way with the compressed tissue in a tube.

- Tina R. (Auckland, New Zealand)

My name is Kiane and I am a wife and mother of 3 young adult daughters. We use GenEzentials compressed tissue mostly when we travel. Being a family of mostly girls (all fashion conscious) we like how compact and convenient these environmentally friendly tissue are easy to pack. Handy on the plane for freshening up. We also find in hotel stays - towels are sparse so these handy face washer are great for make-up removal. We follow sun/sand/surf holidays so these tissues are on hand after hot sticky days. The packaging - handy tube is a necessity accessory.

After using GenEzentials compressed tissue privately - I introduced these product to my friends beauty therapy salon. They have also found this product to be simple and easy hygienic cost effective and women friendly. They are using them for every thing.

- Kiane C. (Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Hi GenEzentials, Absolutely love your compressed tissue. I took it to a restaurant, the waitress who served me was impressed and asked where did I get it from - they said its a good idea to use it for their restaurant. Also, showed the compressed tissue to my work mates - they have no idea what it is until I showed it to them, they're impressed. I think it's good especially for the ladies :) One last thing, I use it to clean my kitchen and I don't need to use soap!

- Honey S. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Adult Silicon Toothbrush

Revolutionary, teeth and gum friendly toothbrush with broad appeal for the entire family. Wish I had discovered it earlier.

- Warren P. (Denistone, NSW, Australia)

Brushing my teeth is no longer the same with GenEzentials' silicon head toothbrush. The silicon bristle are so soft and comfortable that you wouldn't feel like you are brushing your teeth, superb product! Thanks GenEzentials for introducing this revolutionary product in Australia.

- WP Lai (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

The silicon toothbrush is a dream to use. It makes cleaning regime effortless and much more pleasant to use in comparison to supermarket toothbrushes. As a Holistic Practitioner, I would certainly recommend this product to my patients as dental health plays a big role in the prevention of disease and ill health.

- Jo D. (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

We have received good feedback from our customers. First impressions are always 'its weird / strange / different'. But a few weeks later and our customers won't be parted with them, particularly the patients with sore sensitive gums.

- Lisa P. from Dental Aesthetics, UK (Troon, Cornwall, United Kingdom)

Infant Silicon Toothbrush

Revolutionary, teeth and gum friendly toothbrush with broad appeal for the entire family. Wish I had discovered it earlier.

- Warren P. (Denistone, NSW, Australia)

The kids products were fabulous, especially the infant toothbrush and silicon finger toothbrush. My toddler kid loved brushing his teeth with it and my younger child finally allowed me to clean her teeth properly without getting bitten with the silicon finger toothbrush. Thanks GenEzentials for all your spectacular products.

- Grace N. (Coogee, NSW, Australia)

My son loves the Infant Silicon toothbrush. Great product for your children who are learning to brush their teeth.

- Ian J. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Baby Silicon Finger Toothbrush

The kids products were fabulous, especially the infant toothbrush and silicon finger toothbrush. My toddler kid loved brushing his teeth with it and my younger child finally allowed me to clean her teeth properly without getting bitten with the silicon finger toothbrush. Thanks GenEzentials for all your spectacular products.

- Grace N. (Coogee, NSW, Australia)

Eco Magic Washing Ball

I have been using CHEMICAL FREE MAGIC WASHING BALL daily for seven weeks, and I would recommend the product.

The result has been as attested:-

"For your health and our environment
No conditioner required
Non allergenic
Eco friendly"

I believe, over its 3 years period of use, it will give 80%-100% savings on detergent.

- Pat B. (Ashbury, NSW, Australia)

I found the laundry balls on the internet and thought they may be worth a try.. a good way to save money on washing powder, kind to the environment and most of all kind to our clothes and washing machine. I have been using these balls for over 3 weeks now and love them. I never realised how much dirt was left in our clothes washing them with laundry powder... wash with a laundry ball and wow.. the dirt that comes out is amazing..... Thank you to GenEzentials selling for these wonderful laundry balls. Keep up the good work for the environment...

- Dawn S. (Werribee, VIC, Australia)

Eco Dish-Flash

This is a great product. No more left over powder residual on my bowls and plates after my dishwasher cycle ends. Plus I even save more money from buying dish washing powder as it last longer because all I need to use is just a small amount of it that's all.

- Jennifer Y. (Castle Hill, NSW, Australia)

My dishes has never felt cleaner & my dishwasher! The first time I used it on my baking trays it even cleaned the old stains that was impossible to wash.

- Grace T. (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Why doesn't everyone own one of these?? The magic ball is great! I really love it and I make loads of savings on dishwashing detergent, know I am doing better for the environment and it could not be simpler than throwing it in with your washing. A recommended buy!

- Leana B. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Micro Cleaner Eco-friendly

This is great ... no more splashing especially when washing my vegis. I also notice that the hot water is even hotter and the pressure is strong than before. This maybe due to the micro holes. I like the switches that control 3 different type of water current ... so flexible.

- Jennifer Y. (Castle Hill, NSW, Australia)

I-RA Eco-Friendly Shower Head

The other products: The Magic Bulb saved a lot of electricity and the shower head reduced our water bill too. Thanks GenEzentials for all your spectacular products.

- Grace N. (Coogee, NSW, Australia)

This product is great! My husband mentions that this product ruins his fun. Every time during my shower he would turn on the hot or cold water tap at the basin and I would get a sudden shock of water temperature change. Plus no more weak water pressure when a family member uses the toilet basin or the other shower. We used to have to take turns to have shower but now no more. Plus my little girl loves it. She use to hate having showers but once we change to this great product she is fine and loves to go in. I think because the water is softer.

Not only that. The filter does clean the water. When I saw the filter colour change I open the shower head and was surprise to find out how dirty. It could be the pipes or some thing else. Any way, I'm happy that it works what it supposes to be. I have included a photo of the spare filter that came with the box and the filter that was original in the shower head that we have been using for few months. See the difference of the colour between them below (left new not use and right after use for few months).

- Jennifer Y. (Castle Hill, NSW, Australia)

Such a great I-RA Shower Head !! We are now enjoying wonderful and healthy showers. Thank you.

- Steve C. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Eco Solar Charged LED Torch

Solar Torchlight Smart design and useful. Everytime I on my bright light, this torchlight will be charged automatically. The problem for normal torchlight is it might be out of battery when you need to use it, then you will have to look for battery but not this torchlight as it is Solar with back up battery. This Solar torchlight will charge automatically whenever there is bright lights, so it is 100% usable when you need it.

- Ying Eng Y. (Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia)

I personally would like to recommend it to my friends and other users, as it's very light, user friendly and most importantly it's energy saving by using the solar technology to reduce the usage of battery. It will help the environment at the same time save me some money too. Scale of 1 to 10, as 1 is most unfavorable to 10 is perfect, I will give this product a 8 out of 10 points.

- Ken Yong (Singapore, Singapore)

I bought the torch light. The torchlight is also good because I seldom use the battery for the light, there is a solar function, so when I on the torchlight it's using solar energy and the battery is used for standby. It's ecofriendly!

- Cheng Yee P. (Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia)

Very good product, especially for those who like the outdoors. I personally like it coz of the waterproof nature as I love my fishing and require this quality to be in the torch. Keep up with more practical product developments. I'm a fan!

- Jonathan C. (Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia)

I've been using Eco Solar Charged for months. It's a impressive piece of innovation which is self powered and re-chargeable through highly effective solar cells. Most importantly, it's highly reliable and weather proof.

- Chris L. (Singapore, Singapore)

This is a great little torch. It has a bright focused beam which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It's waterproof and floats, making it ideal for camping or fishing. I leave by our kitchen window so it is always charged and ready to go.

- Peter W. S. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I have found that the Solar Charged Torch from GenEzentials is a fantastic product, I have 2 young children, and we go camping and fishing alot and they are always leaving torches on and wasting batteries. With the Solar Charged Torch I don't have this problem anymore, great fun for bath time too. I even gave 2 Solar Charged Torches for my wife's father and brother who live in rural Australia and they keep them on the dash of their utes for any situation..

- James B. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Genezentials are the best company I have ever dealt with. I bought some solar powered torches and a problem with one . I contacted the Company and Aaron sorted it out immediately. I'm so impressed with this Company I cannot recommend them enough.

- Lindsay S. (Western Australia, Australia)

Great torches and great company to deal with, thank you.

- Grant S. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)