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Silicon Finger Toothbrush

    Silicon Finger Toothbrush
    Silicon Finger ToothbrushSilicon Finger ToothbrushSilicon Finger Toothbrush

    Silicon Finger Toothbrush

    • $3.95

    Silicone Toothbrush - A toothbrush that delivers the unique benefits of soft silicone. This toothbrush is made of safe and clean non-toxic silicon, contains silver nano (Ag+), and the negative ions released from the bristle inhibit bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is patented in 15 countries including the USA, Japan, Canada, Europe and Korea.


      • USA-FDA approved (registered and the active ingredient is approved through FDA as suitable for food contact).
      • Ag+ materials (nano silver materials).
      • Made of Medical grade silicon.
      • BPA & PVC free.

      Features Ag+

      • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
      • Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infection.
      • Silver ions are an effective anti-microbial agent.
      • Added advantage of an antibacterial capability.


      • Softer (than nylon Bristles) 100 % silicone.
      • Protects the natural surface of the teeth from abrasion and the gums from recession.
      • The soft bristle brushes and massages young children delicate gums while protecting the enamel layer on the surface of their teeth, strengthening the gum.
      • Provides interests in children to brush.
      • Silicon does not damage the skin rather it tends to develop a natural affinity with skin cells.
      • Silicon possesses the ability to eliminate foreign substances & clean the scales.
      • Hygienic (anti bacterial), removes plaque without hurts to gums and teeth.
      • This Silicon Finger Toothbrush can be sterilized in boiling water or steriliser.
      • It delivers excellent massaging effect.
      • Relieves sensitive teeth & tender gums.


        • 0 - 18 months or 0 - 6 teeth. This is a guideline only. Every baby and infant is different and individual.
        • For Dogs and Cats helps keep your best friend's teeth clean and breath fresh. (Was told by a customer that it is suitable for pets and she used it on her pets). Combine with a pet toothpaste for best results. This is a guideline only. Packaging is Baby packaging not pet packaging. For more dental info please click below page.


          • Place the toothbrush on the forefinger and gently massage the teeth and gums.

          Made in Korea

            Note for parents

            Parents should brush their child’s teeth for about two minutes each time (1 minute for the top teeth and 1 minute for the bottom) until they are between five and eight year’s olds. These toothbrushes won’t hurt your child gum.

            General information about dental health click here.

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