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Micro Cleaner

    Micro Cleaner
    Micro CleanerMicro CleanerMicro Cleaner

    Micro Cleaner

    • $29.95

    The Micro Cleaner eco-friendly kitchen sink faucet/tap head which can save up to 65% of water usage and fuels energy to heat the water!


      • Water saving effect of 60% - 65%.
      • Product much anions.
      • Fresh flow of water.
      • Easy to change the current of water by using Button Type Switch.
      • Effective to wash vegetables and dishes with 0.2mm micro holes.
      • No splashing.
      • Easy installation.
      • Easy removal of foams when washing dishes.
      • Permanent use of composite ceramic balls.
      • Attachment of Nonwoven filter (replaceable).
      • Advanced filter for floating matters in the water.
      • Simple, unique and practical Design. 
      • Fresh and soft water current for sensitivity skin. 

      Contents and Features

      • Hyperfine structure hole. Micro-pore help break the water molecule as shown at the waterfall or fountain.
        • Water-saving (approx. 60%-65%).
        • It creates a huge number of naturally-produced anions. Make food fresh longer.
        • Making water cluster smaller. The water doesn't splash.
      • Water Filter
        • Nonwoven filter.
        • It eliminates floating substances in the water such as sediments, rust of pipe and sand to prevent a blockage at micro-pores.
        • It also helps to keep the skin and food clean.
      • Ceramic Ball
        • Makes water activated to wash food (fruits, vegetables, fish, etc) and dishes well.

      Kitchen sink head fitting

      • This Micro Cleaner sink head fits any international standard kitchen sink head.

        The Micro Cleaner set includes

        • Micro Cleaner 
        • Nonwoven water filter (replaceable)
        • Rotational adaptor
        Made in Korea



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