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Eco Magic Washing Ball

    Eco Magic Washing Ball
    Eco Magic Washing BallEco Magic Washing Ball

    Eco Magic Washing Ball

    • $29.95

    This Magic Washing Ball, which consists of three main natural ceramics, contained in a round ball, was designed scientifically so that it could wash clothes and laundry with much less detergents. The three balls are Far-infrared ray/negative ions magic ball, Antibiotic ball, and Alkali ball. It is exported to over 30 different countries. Acquired TUV certification and awarded excellent test records from KATRI.


      • 80%-100% savings on detergent (use up to 20% of detergent if the clothes is very dirty).
      • Chemical Free.
      • No conditioner required.
      • 3 years life span (based upon once a day usage).
      • Non allergenic.
      • Eco friendly.
      • Desirable and economical
        • Detergent-conserving.
        • Water-conserving
        • Electrical efficiency.


      • Environmental protection.
      • Skin health protection.
      • Perfect alternative for people with allergies.
      • Fiber protection.
      • Cleaning material frugality.  
      • Save water.
      • Save electricity.
      • Washing effect.
      • Bleaching effect.
      • Bactericidal effect.
      • Cohesion prevention effect.
      • Fiber softness effect.
      • Antistatic effect. 


      • Please note that you should use 2 Magic Washing Balls with capacities over 5kg of laundry.
      • Put the magic washing ball into the washing machine.
      • Can be use all Front and Top Load washing machine.
      • Can be also used as a Hand Wash (put with soaking clothes in laundry sink or bucket).

      Life span

      • Good for three years. (Based upon once a day usage).

      Contents and Features

      • The surface is made by elastomer which gets softer in warm water to protect delicate clothes.
      • Magic Ball
        • Radiate the powerful far-infrared rays which breaks water particle into small cluster and makes water active. This function increase its particle actions to remove dirt, penetration power through clothes and washing power.
        • Ionize water.
        • Activate water molecules.
      • Alkali Ball
        • Change hard water (alkali) to soft water.
        • It keeps the pH spectrum as alkali level ordinary chemical detergent. It helps to remove oil dirtfrom clothing.
        • Strengthen washing power.
      • Antibacteria Ball
        • Bactericidal and antifungal effects.
        • It restrains mold and bacterial.
        • It helps to protect skin truble caused by germs. According to the antimicrobial test, it eliminates germs such as staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and hlebsiella pneumoniae up to 99.9%.


      • Magic Washing Ball does not contain any form of detergent, there are no remaining chemical detergent residues in the cloth and fibres. Magic Washing Ball does not cause skin problems to those who may be "allergic or irritated" by residues that detergent can leave behind in clothes after washing.
      • Magic Washing Ball protects the "oxidation and discoloration" of fabric caused by the chlorine in water plus helps to retain the "Elasticity" of the fabric washed.
      • Magic Washing Ball has an "Antibiotic" property. It eliminates the "mould, pathogenic organisms" and unpleasant odours of your wash. With these functions, it is not neccessary to add "bleaching agents, fabric, softer" and other washing additives.
      • Magic Washing Ball in  most cases has a "no tangle" result when washing your clothes.
      Made in Korea



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