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Warm (Soft) White Light Bulb Globe

    Warm (Soft) White Light Bulb Globe
    Warm (Soft) White Light Bulb Globe

    Warm (Soft) White Light Bulb Globe

    • $39.95

    This product is not available for Australian market. Australian version will be coming soon.

    This international patent LED Magic Light Bulb is a true Eco Friendly Green Product an award winning Norwegian invention from LED Electronics International. These LED Magic Light Bulb runs on 4 watts of power while providing about as much light as a standard 40 watt incandescent. The built-in rechargeable battery can run the light bulb for three hours at full power as emergency light; when the power goes out. You can even unscrew the LED Magic Bulb globe for use as a flashlight if need to be. No more nightmare of electricity cut-off or dark nigts due to fire, stormy weather or other natural disasters. This LED Magic Bulb is a great versatility.


      • Energy Efficient LED Light Bulb.
      • Built-in rechargeable battery (3 hours on full charge).
      • Estimated to last for 20,000 hours or 10 years (5-10 times the life span of CFL and regular light bulbs).
      • Can be use as emergency light in the event of a power outage/blackout situation.
      • Can turn into a hand held flashlight instantly.
      • "Eco friendly"
        • Containing no harmful substances like mercury or lead.
        • Does not emit potentially harmful UV or infrared radiation.
      • Saving on electricity bill.
        • Saves up to 90% of energy costs compare to regular light bulbs and saves up to 70% compare to Standard Energy Saving Bulbs or CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) light bulbs.
      • On/Off switches.
      • Low heat safe to handle (never burn your fingers) and saving on air conditioning.
      • A full spectrum of soft, natural light which is comfortable and soothing to your eyes especially for extened use.
      • 4W with Edison (E27) screw base. (If you have Bayonet (B22) base than don't worry. We have converter that you can use. Click here to view the product)
      • 2900K (Warm/Soft White) color temperatures.

      Can be use at

      • Home.
      • Offices.
      • Shops.
      • Commercial buildings.
      • Restaurants.
      • Hotels.
      • Shopping malls.
      • Activity centres.  
      • Outdoor activities (example camping).


      • Bottom switch: 
        • Can be used as a normal light bulb (when electricity supply is on, light stays on. When electricity supply is off, light stays off.)
      • Middle switch:
        • Rapid recharging for the built in rechargeable battery and light will stay off.
      • Top switch:
        • Light always stay on when electricity supply is switched on (but when electricity supply is switched off, light will stay on for 3 hours provided the built in battery is fully charged.)
      • Can be used as a hand held flash light when the built in handle is pulled down from the bottom.

      Life span

      • Built-in rechargeable battery - 3 hours on full charge.
      • 20,000 hours or 10 years.

      Detailed information

      • Power dissipation: 4W.
      • Type of LED: 50 pcs high luminance diodes.
      • Beam Angle: 60°
      • Size:
        • D-70mm, L-107mm (normal).
        • D-70mm, L-139mm (after pull).
      • Weight (gram): 157g.
      • Casing material: PC.
      • Certificate: CE, RoHS.


      • GENIUS - Europe International Inventions Genius Cup.
      • IENA Nurnberg 2009 in Germany Gold Medal Award.
      • International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS 2009 Medal Award.
      • The 18th National Exhibition og Inventions in China Gold Medal Award.
      • 2009 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Green Future Award.
      • 2009 Taipei International Show & Technomart Bronze Medal Award.
      • 2009 Taipei International Show & Technomart A Rechargeable LED Light Bulb Gold Medal Award.
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