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Travel Starter Value Pack

    Travel Starter Value Pack
    Travel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value Pack
    Travel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value Pack
    Travel Starter Value PackTravel Starter Value Pack

    Travel Starter Value Pack

    • $27.25
    • H2o + Tissue Dispenser

    No Water Bottle.. Do not worry... GenEzentials Eco-Friendly Compressed Tissue Wipes Dispenser is HERE!

    A great way to start with a Travel Starter Value Pack that includes both Compressed tissue wipes handy dispenser tube (7 pcs) and Compressed tissue wipes refill bag (100 pcs). SAVE 10%! 

    What a way to start. Handy tube for your pocket or handbag and refill bag to top up your handy tube. It also can be a great gift for family and friends.

    Travel Starter Value Pack includes

    • 1 x Handy Dispenser Tube - 7 compressed tissue pieces.
    • 1 x Refill bag - 100 compressed tissue pieces.

    GenEzentials Eco-Friendly Compressed Tissue Wipes Dispenser — an all purpose dry tissue that is compressed into a coin shape. Made with material extracted 100% Natural Cellulose. It is a product made with innovative technology and global patented. It does not contain any chemical ingredient, brightening agent, safe and gentle to use across all ages especially for those who have sensitive skin. The product is manufactured not only for wellbeing in mind but also environmentally friendly. It is bio-degradable, compostable and 100% viscose rayon roll. It is portable and compact in size, a great product to take it anywhere. You determine how you are going too use by what liquid you add, it can be used as hot or cold or organic scented or organic anti-bacterial tissue wipes and how wet you prefer your wipes to be.

    This GenEzentials compressed tissue dispenser is great for pockets, ladies handbag, mother's baby bag, travel bag and so on. This new dispenser meaning that you do not have to carry water bottle at all. Plus it is also air-travel approved size.

    What it is Compressed Tissue?

    • It is a dried tissue that is made by passing 100% viscose rayon roll, a regenerative pulp, through the process of folding, cutting, rolling and compression.
    • This tissue is compressed with fabric made from natural cellulose(We never compromise our quality. We use only 100% natural viscose rayon and NO mixes with other fabric. Unlike some other brands in the market that stats made from 100% viscose/cotton fabric but it only contains less than 100% and the others percentage is mixes with other fabric.)
    • 100% bio-degradable all purpose cleaning tissue.
    • Environmentally friendly: Naturally decomposes itself.
    • Compare with general wet tissues, it is distinguished by its dry, antiseptic-free condition.

    Can be use for

    • Babies and kids.
    • Sensitive skin (example eczema).
    • Remove makeup and nail polish remover.
    • Temporary bandage (First Aid kit) or antiseptic swab.
    • General cleaning like table, laptop, fish aquarium/tank, dusting, window & eye glasses wipes and etc.
    • As a gift.
    • Places where health and hygiene are important (example Restaurant, Hotel, Club, Spa and etc).
    • Clean pets face.
    • As toiletries.
    • Pre-schools, kindergartens and schools.
    • Offices.
    • For traveling (example Traveling abroad, Camping, Mountain climbing, Fishing, Golf and etc).
    • And the list goes on...


    • Open the water dispenser cap. Unscrew the other cap and simply add water into the water dispenser until the top line indicator. Screw back the cap and ready to use.
    • Press the GenEzentials Compressed Tissue lightly 2 - 3 times to soak up the water. Or you can keep pressing the tissue tablet until it is fully inflated. Unroll the tissue. An instant quality ready-to-use all purpose wet tissue.
    • If it is not that dirty, you can wash them in hot water or running tap water and dry them. You can reuse it as many times as you can until wear and tear before throwing it away.
    • This tissue is bio-degradable, where possible please dispose in compost bin.


    • Compressed Tissue : 21.5mm/2.15cm (width) x 11.5mm/1.15cm (height) x 21.5mm/2.15cm (depth) +/- 5mm/0.5cm.
    • Expand Tissue : 200mm x 240mm +/- 5mm (20cm x 24cm +/- 0.5cm).
    • Tube : 50mm/5cm (width) x 92mm/9.2cm (height) x 25mm/2.5cm (depth) +/-.
    • Bag : 160mm/16cm (width) x 222mm/22.2cm (height) x 45mm/4.5cm (depth) +/-.

    Who Uses Them

    Made in Korea

    • Keep out of reach of children and animals. This is not a lolly or sweets.


    GenEzentials Compressed Tissue Wipes FAQ's

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