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Eco Dish-Flash

    Eco Dish-Flash
    Eco Dish-FlashEco Dish-Flash

    Eco Dish-Flash

    • $19.95

    This Dish-flash contains silver nano (Ag+), and the negative ions released inhibit bacteria, viruses and fungi. It's Alkali ball makes water cluster smaller and active. So it is easy to get rid of oils and dirt.


      • Hygienic: Using Ag+, no bacteria and germs.
      • Co-environment: Make water molecule active and increase washing power. Only needs small amount of detergent or no detergent.
      • Economical: It saves water and detergent. Semi-permanent. 


        • Excellent power for washing.
        • Co-environment product.
        • Save detergent.
        • Amazing effectiveness for sterilisation and antibiotics.  
        • Suppress bacteria.


        • Place Dish-flash at the bottom of dish washing machine.
        • Use 30% of detergent if the dish is very dirty.
        • Start the machine and recommend to use over 70C hot water.
        • After using wash Dish-flash with clean water, and get rid of dirty things.
        • Recommend to dry in sunlight once a month.

        Life span

        • Using once a day, Dish-flash can be use 1000 times.

        How Dish-Flash works

        • Inside the Dish-flash, there is ceramic which makes FIR and negative anions. It makes water cluster smaller and active. So it is easy to get rid of oils and dirt.
        • Dish-flash makes water pH level same as detergent, so it makes oil neutrality.
        • Dish-flash removes chlorine compound and reduce surface tension of water. So it increase washing power.
        • Dish-flash removes germs and bacteria, and make water active.

        Contents and Features

        • Ag+ Fiber
          • Disjoint oil.
          • Restrain bacteria.
          • Hygiene.
        • Alkali - Ball
          • Make water active.
          • Make water cluster smaller.
          • Increase water pH. -> Increase washing power.
        • Ag+ Ceramic Ball
          • Make water active -> Increase washing power.
          • Sterilize bacteria from food remaining.
          • Restrain bacteria and prevent pollution.
          • Used natural antimicrobial "Ag+".
        Made in Korea



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