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DentiAll Pro - Infant Silicon Toothbrush

    DentiAll Pro - Infant Silicon Toothbrush
    DentiAll Pro - Infant Silicon ToothbrushDentiAll Pro - Infant Silicon Toothbrush

    DentiAll Pro - Infant Silicon Toothbrush

    • $38.45
    • DentiAll Pro colour
      Infant Silicon Toothbrush colour

    Convert any manual toothbrush into a SONIC type of 40,000 times of nibration per minute. 3-D sonic vibration of brush head is more effective than regular brushing to achive stronger gums and more efficient removal of plaque, stains and halitosis.

      Dissatisfaction with existing electric toothbrush...

      • You have to change the main body, if the battery life has gone out.
      • Uncomfortable way to chage the battery.
      • Its head don't have compatibility with different model.
      • It is too expensive to buy the toothbrush head.
      • I love my manual toothbrush.

      Now here! 3rd Generation Electric Toothbrush DentiAll Pro is our solution for these problems.


      • Convenient to use and perfect waterproof.
      • Operated by a battery (one AA Alkaline battery only). Recommend rechargeable battery for clean environments.
      • Sonic vibration brushing available for more efficient removal of plaque and stimulus of gums than regular brushing.
      • SAVE Your MONEY by refilling your DentiAll with any manual type of toothbrush.
      • Don't pay too much for the expensive and inconvenient head sets for replacement purposes.

      Compatible with any manual type of toothbrush for:

      • Whiter teeth.
      • Stronger gums.
      • Less plaque & bacteria.
      • Efficient stain removal.

      Environmentally Friendly

      • Brush handle can last a lifetime.
      • Uses economical changeable bristle heads.
      • Recommend rechargeable battery for clean environments.


      • Do not insert a toothbrush with a handle thickness of more than 20 mm (3/4"). (For the cap not more than 15 mm thickness handle).
      • Children under 6-years of age should be supervised by an adult in time of using DentiAll Pro.
      • If you have had oral or gum surgery in previous 2 months, consult ith your dentist before using DentiAll Pro.


      • Infant Silicon Toothbrush (choose your toothbrush colour at the top)
      • Sonic DentiAll Pro (choose your colour at the top)
      • AA baterry (1)
      • Bristle protective cap


      • Power Source : DC 1.5 v (1 AA battery)
      • Vibration : More than 40,000 times per minute
      • Battery Life : About 4 continuous hours or 2 months if used twice per day for 2 minutes per use (may fluctuate with battery brand)
      • Size : 50mm (L) x 32mm (W) x 155mm (H) , 2.0" (L) x 1.3 (W) x 6.1 (H) 
      • Weight : 81gr. (without battery), 106 gr (with battery), 2.9oz (without battery), 106oz (with battery)

      Made in Korea


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